by Sue Kantor

Give the Gift of Style

We are fast approaching the holiday season which can create special challenges.

Did you ever accept an invitation and think “ugh” –NOW what do I wear?

Does your December schedule bring special work events, holiday parties, or dressier casual clothes for that girls’ night out?

Have you ever wished for a unique gift from your family or significant other,  but never able to define what that might be?

SKantor004Get prepared NOW and enjoy the season to the fullest.

This holiday season, let me do the heavy lifting.

Give the gift of personal styling for yourself or someone you care about.

 Some comments from a satisfied client:

“I have always felt that I looked my best and had my own sense of style, so I never considered working with a stylist.  Within moments of working with Sue, it became suddenly clear that my closet had evolved into a graveyard of outdated and ill-fitting clothes, cluttered with decades of multiple sizes and styles.”

Does that sound familiar?

SKantor007No wonder many so many women are challenged by “what to wear” during the holidays! My job is to help women love the way they look: appropriate for any occasion.

Confusing trendy with stylish can end up awkward or uncomfortable. When we define what really works specifically and reliably for you, it can not only be FUN but also a revelation!

A stylist experience is not really an indulgence but when properly done a saving of time and money. Here are some other responses I’ve gotten:

“Sue helped me reshape my silhouette….it became clear that I was in a style rut.”

“Sue encouraged me to step out of my box and try on items that I would not have selected for myself. “

“I am thoroughly thrilled with the outcome.”


My best friend / daughter / sister / mother / mother-in-law / colleague would love this!

SKantor006Personal styling can be a present equivalent to a day at the spa but the results last much longer!

It may be difficult to find the time for what may seem like a personal indulgence but the benefits will quickly become self evident.

Once you develop confidence in your personal styling you will want others in your life to have the same experience!

New service options and packages developed for the season to be an ideal gift to others or from others to you!

  • Fast Fab – This new package is entry-level personal styling for the time or commitment challenged and it is a great gift option.  Together, we review your closet and compose 2 distinct go-to outfits. These can be professional, evening, or casual looks.
  • Perfect Fit Gift – Available in $100 increments.  This is a great and flexible option to give the gift of personal styling; can be used towards any of Sophisticated Styling service.
  • Professional Styling Package – When your workplace demands a professional-looking wardrobe, don’t settle for boring or cookie-cutter.  We find your personal style that fits both your career and your budget.
  • Group Styling Event – The Girls’ night out.  Get together with 3-5 women and each participant brings wardrobe pieces to review. This can be at a friend’s home and is priced per person.

Order now!


Holiday styling gift packages must be purchased before December 20, 2017 to be ready to wrap.

Give the gift of styling to your friend or colleague–they will not be disappointed!

If you aren’t sure which option is best for you, call, email , or go to  to find the right package for you or a friend!


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