by Sue Kantor


Sue Kantor, Stylist, Personal Shopper“My goal is to help women discover their most flattering image and find joy and confidence in their wardrobe and closet.”

Sue Kantor has powerful firsthand knowledge of the importance of dressing for the situation, organization, and client.  Over 20 years of sales, marketing and management in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries taught Sue to dress for intent every single day.  She left Genentech, Inc. with the vision of utilizing her personal experience in a way that would empower women in their own fields.

“I want to enable women to confidently find their own personal style within the context of their life and career.”

Sue is certified as a Wardrobe Consultant and Personal Shopper by the Association of Image Consultants International. She has trained with the same organization as an Image Consultant and a Color Analyst, with further training with a former stylist from TLC’s “What Not to Wear.”

Using the principles of style, fit, and color, Sue teaches how to dress with intent for the situation, organization and audience.  Her clients have reported that their new styling and confidence has contributed to their job mobility, promotions, and increased business.

Sue frequently travels to NYC meeting with clients and keeping her finger on the pulse of what’s next in women’s attire for successful professionals.

Putting her study and experience together, she founded Sophisticated Styling and now serves women in Central Ohio as a personal wardrobe stylist.

Sue is a board member of the WSBA  (Women’s Small Business Accelerator) and a past board member of NAWBO Columbus  (National Association of Women’s Business Owners).  Sue has presented to various organizations on “Dressing for Intent™”.

Presentations have included:  Kaiser ConsultingMount Carmel Medical GroupScale Up America (YMT Consultants) 2016, 2017, and for the WSBA (Connections, Communications and Confidence).

My stated intent is to give women the knowledge and tools to be as skillful dressing as they are in their field of expertise.”

Every day, Sue helps women discover their most flattering image and find joy and confidence in their wardrobe and closet.

In addition to giving group seminars and presentations, Sue especially enjoys working one on one with her professional clients to help unlock their potential as they dress for intent.

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