by Sue Kantor


How can I afford a Personal Stylist?  Aren’t they expensive?

Your investment in a Personal Stylist will actually EARN you money through your increased confidence, career opportunities, and promotions. My clients tell me their friends immediately notice a difference, they often feel so much better about themselves that they actually lose weight, and career and business opportunities are much more satisfactory because they present the image of self-assurance and poise.

Most clients find they buy fewer pieces overall because they learn to purchase the right wardrobe for their personal style and lifestyle.

Who would benefit from a Personal Stylist?

  • Recent College Graduate seeking a career
  • Professionals looking to “polish” their image
  • Women looking to transition from a home business to a work environment
  • Someone seeking a promotion or career change
  • Anyone who has experienced a change in weight
  • Women planning to travel or have a new job that requires a “travel” wardrobe
  • Someone who wants to look great for a special event

Why hire me as compared to using a personal stylist or personal shopper employed by a retail store?

  • I work 100% for my clients and not for a store.  Most personal shoppers work on commission so they are motivated to sell you more than you need and they are not motivated to help you make the best personal selections.
  • I know what styles look best for my clients based on our discussion about goals; I choose garments that work BEST for their figure, career, and lifestyle
  • I have learned the ins and outs of how to make good wardrobe selections, what tailoring my be required (or not) to create the perfect fit–no more mistakes!

What is body silhouette analysis?

The term “shape” describes the overall silhouette of your body.  This means – the contours of your body figure based on your waistline.  Basically, it’s how your upper, mid and lower half are in proportion with each other.  Your body silhouette helps guide us to clothing styles that compliment you the most.   Body silhouette analysis is a way of categorizing your shape – a rectangle, an hourglass, a triangle,  an inverted triangle, or an apple, based on measurements of your proportions.

How do I find out what styles look best for my body shape?

Knowing your body silhouette helps guide you towards the best styles and proportions that make you look your absolute best.   In addition, this information helps streamline, simplify and save time and money.

How can I determine my “personal style”?  I don’t think I have one.

Everyone has a personal style—it depends on your career, lifestyle and personal preferences.  I walk my clients through the process of defining theirs.

I have a closet full of clothes yet end up wearing a few of the same things over and over.  At times, I feel like I don’t have anything to wear despite the number of things I have.

Most women wear only 10-20% of the clothing in their closets!  By doing a closet review, I can help you reduce the amount of unwearable clothes and create “new” outfits from what you already have.  If there are any “holes” or things you might need to complete an outfit, I will help you identify those items by creating a shopping list.

What if I am on a limited budget?

No worry.  I create a plan and a time table for my services and priority purchases to help you reach your goals over time.

How can I maximize my budget to have a well-put together look for my career?

I believe in helping you create a “wardrobe capsule” to maximize your key closet contents as well as future purchases.  A wardrobe capsule is a collection of a few items of clothing and accessories that can be mixed and matched to create a greater number of outfits.  Less is more.


I would love to work with you! Please schedule a consultation.

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