by Sue Kantor


“I believe that personal style is not about wearing “trendy” clothes but more about knowing what works for your body type and communicating who you are through your attire.  My goal is to style you in ways that increase comfort and confidence so that you’re able to turn heads and leave a lasting impression at any age.”  — Sue Kantor

Sue’s Complimentary 4-Step Get-Started Process

Sophisticated Styling services are designed to take the challenge out of getting dressed in the morning. Sue will help you to feel good about what you’re wearing. Her clients instantly feel refreshed, organized, confident and excited about their wardrobe options.

So many women who just want to know what to wear and how to wear it.

“I feel I need to update my look and professional wardrobe but not sure where to start .”

“I am challenged to put outfits together and end up wearing the same things far too often.”

“I hate shopping.  I also feel overwhelmed when I have to go shopping so when forced, I look at store mannequins  or ask the salesperson for help.”

“My closet is a mess and I am not organized enough to see what I have.”

By teaching clients how to apply principles of style, fit, and color to their wardrobes, Sue’s clients have reported that their new confidence and styling has contributed to job mobility, promotions and increased business.  In addition, they save time and money by selecting versatile pieces  that can be worn frequently and mixed and matched within your wardrobe.




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