by Sue Kantor

How to Buy Jeans

We all come in different shapes and sizes.  One of the most difficult pieces to buy for our wardrobe is–yes–you guessed it–jeans!   A good quality, well-fitted pair of dark wash jeans is a wardrobe essential, no matter what your lifestyle is all about.



While the “chic” fad is currently sporting faded and ripped jeans, the best jean that will carry you for several years is still the dark wash –it can be dressed up or down more easily.

Finding the BEST fit is influenced by the following key factors:


        Body type,  proportions,  curves, ‘booty’, midsection, height, leg length, hip and thigh.


  •     Styles:  Boyfriend (and all variations of), cropped, bootcut, straight leg, or skinny, depending on your body silhouette and proportions; some companies even use the word “curvy” for more athletic fit styles
  •     To determine your BEST size, fit to the broadest part of your lower body (hips, thigh, or booty)
  •     Be prepared to make alterations on length and/or waist depending on your body type
    •     Those of you with a defined waist may need to nip and tuck the waist to get a “custom” fit by a good tailor!  Several retailers have good tailors right in their own store–which also makes it more convenient for their customers.


Finding the most appropriate rise for the most flattering fit depends on several things:

  • Rise “measurement” and weather or not you have a hip or athletic thigh
  • Are you long or short-waisted?
  • If you carry additional curves in your midriff–seek jeans that hit just below the belly button (two fingers); NYDJ does a great job in making well-fitting jeans for these types of body types!
  • Brands vary in fit and sizing so try several on to find high, mid and low rises jeans as they define each differently


Do you know your inseam?  If it is less than approximately 28″ long –consider petite sized jeans.  Several retailers, both low and higher end, on-line or in-store carry petite sizing.  For those taller girls out there–some jeans come in longer inseams as well.

Fit Guides:

Bloomingdales has wonderful tips in styles on their website:  Denim Fit Guide:

Follow this link for tips on how to measure inseam, waist, and hip:

You may have to do some work up front in the fitting room, but once you find the right style and fit–and of course size–you can start mixing and matching your looks.

Fashionably yours,

Sue Kantor


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