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  • Give the Gift of Style
    Give the Gift of Style
    Personal styling can be a present equivalent to a day at the spa but the results last much longer! Sometimes, it can be challenging to find the perfect or unique gift for a friend, spouse, or co-worker that is memorable and lasts. Are you or anyone you know: Burdened...
  • Give the Gift of Style
    Give the Gift of Style
    We are fast approaching the holiday season which can create special challenges. Did you ever accept an invitation and think “ugh” –NOW what do I wear? Does your December schedule bring special work events, holiday parties, or dressier casual clothes for that girls’ night out? Have you...
  • Ready-to-Wear isn't often Ready to Wear
    Ready-to-Wear isn’t often Ready to Wear
    Many of my blog posts are inspired by personal experiences and this is one of them. It feels so rewarding when a client understands the importance of good custom tailoring for their clothing and are willing to spend a little extra time and money doing so. When...
  • How to Buy Jeans
    How to Buy Jeans
    We all come in different shapes and sizes.  One of the most difficult pieces to buy for our wardrobe is–yes–you guessed it–jeans!   A good quality, well-fitted pair of dark wash jeans is a wardrobe essential, no matter what your lifestyle is all about.   While the “chic”...
  • Spring is in the... Mall
    Spring is in the… Mall
    Just as I was completing my winter wardrobe by taking advantage of the end of season sales, spring arrived in the department stores! The temptation of the delightful spring and summer clothes are everywhere. My inbox is exploding with “must haves” or “essentials” from major retailers, fashion...

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