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I was impressed with how quickly she "got" my style

Sue made the processing of assessing my current work wardrobe and shopping for new items easy, hassle-free, and even fun! I was impressed with how quickly she “got” my style and was able to pull a fitting room full of items for me to try that were in line with my style preferences and good for my body shape. Through this process, I learned tips that have helped me look for a few other pieces on my own. And I also learned how much tailoring can change the fit of clothing – even something as simple as moving the placement of a button – that will help me in the future. Working with Sue was a good investment of my time and money as well as a confidence booster!”

Rebecca Nickoll
"Working with Sue has been a wonderful experience!"

Working with Sue has been a wonderful experience! She has helped me to not only find the right clothes to fit my body, but she has also helped me to feel beautiful again. I love working with Sue and would highly recommend her!

Sarah S. LeePrincipalDiversity & Inclusion Business Consulting
I Feel Like I Have Emerged from a Cocoon

Thank you for your presentation yesterday.  It’s strange when things impact you in ways you do not expect.  The secret to my success is I implement ideas quickly.

Last night, I implemented concepts from your talk.  I went into my closet and started purging.  I purged everything that didn’t fit, but I was holding on for sentimental reasons.  What felt even better is that I purged all the clothes I settled on purchasing during the lean years in my business after pregnancy.  The ones that although they fit, don’t make me feel like the powerful business owner that I am.

Your talk inspired me to think about the things in my clothes that I love and how I can mix and match pieces to get more out of the clothes that I currently have that make me feel great.

All of this is great, but there is more to the story.  I had a fretful night–tossing and turning; yet when I woke up I felt like I had emerged from a cocoon…  “I fully embraced Sheri Cheney Jones, the successful author, speaker, and accomplished business owner. ”  I let go of some of the old rules and thoughts that needed to be broken.

Thanks for your permission, your inspiration.  Keep shining your light because I’m sure it is impacting people in ways you would never imagine.  It sure impacted me!


SheriCEOMeasurement Resources
I am thoroughly thrilled with the outcome.

Now donning a new look, the compliments are pouring in.

I always felt that I looked my best and had my own sense of style, so I never considered working with a Stylist.  I reluctantly agreed to a Closet Curation with Sue Kantor, mostly out of a desire to streamline my wardrobe and reduce my clutter. Within moments of working with Sue, it became suddenly clear that my closet had evolved into a graveyard of outdated and ill-fitting clothes, cluttered with decades of multiple sizes and styles.

Immediately the benefits rolled in. The first phase began with her in-home assistance, where I was able to sort through piles in my closet of Keeps vs. Discard.  She further helped me to shed another few boxes of ‘maybe’s’.

Next Sue helped me reshape my silhouette and style. By working with Sue, it became apparent that I was in style rut. I was too close to the situation and too comfortable in my look.  Sue encouraged me to step out of my box and try on items that I would not have selected for myself. I resisted some and relented on others. Through collaboration, we came up with a new wardrobe by mixing in what I had and incorporating Sue’s impeccable taste.

The biggest benefits I found by working with Sue Kantor are:

  • Motivation to streamline and simplify my closet
  • Inspiration to create a new look
  • Encouragement to update my closet choices
  • Objective feedback on what could work better
  • Polishing and perfecting selections so that stepping out requires little or no thought

If you are thinking of working with Sue Kantor as your Stylist, invest in yourself. You are worth it and so is Sue!

Barb GirsonOwnerMy Sales Tactics
I feel it was a tremendous experience. 

It was fun too!

I realized previously I have been random in my shopping, spending more, in the long run, is a better investment than impulse shopping.  While my husband always said so, Sue confirmed it when she made me realize that a lot of my clothes don’t fit and are not proportioned to my size.

I think I will have the value from it for a long time.  When I told my daughter, the “stylist” in New York, she felt that Sue had more credibility because she wasn’t pushing a certain line, and found value in some of my current wardrobe. Great experience.  I would highly recommend Sue and thank you!

Merry KornOwnerPearl Interactive Network, LLCColumbus, OH
I would recommend her without hesitation.

I have known Sue for several years through The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and also have witnessed her at work. She takes the time to get to know you, your style, and your goals. She then provides a thoughtful assessment of your style, your body type, and the types of clothes that work best—always focusing on the positive. She also provides expert and creative advice working with what is already in her clients’ closet and then suggesting what could be added. She’s professional and friendly as well as creative.

Marsue SamsOwnerThe Sales Development Group

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