by Sue Kantor

When is Winter Spring?

I receive many questions from my clients about the best strategies to transition their wardrobe from one season to another.

Given how erratic our weather has been in Central Ohio, it has truly becoming a challenge—especially when it is 65 degrees one day and 35 the next!

Many of us (myself included) are getting tired of wearing our dark winter clothes (and coats) and footwear.  What to do?

The onset of spring means COLOR!

Color changes our mood, instantly, and takes away the dreary winter blues.

I have taken on a strategy to break out of my cold winter wardrobe mold by doing the following:

  • Lady ShoesLeggings and Flats:  I can now wearing my leggings with ballet flats with fun colors or neutrals with or without socks/hose—depending on the temperature.  I already feel lightened up.
  • Scarves:  In the winter, I generally wear darker colored, more saturated colored scarves with my jackets and coats.  During the warmer weather, I seek out my cotton and silk combinations with the brighter colors.
  • Knitwear:  Over the past few years, knitwear has been even more of a mainstay in many wardrobes with so many creative designs.  There is an explosion of new and fashionable colors, styles, yarns that meet the needs of casual to business casual looks.  Traditionally many of us have used knitwear as layering pieces in the form of cardigans, over tops and blouses.  I am starting to acquire more knitwear—especially lighter and brighter colors –because I love the looks I am seeing.
  • Spring Boots:  I like the look of lighter colored booties in the spring.  Consider adding a cream, tan, grey, a light brown or other colored boots/booties!
  • Spring Jackets:  I LOVE wearing my leather and lighter weight jackets.  This weather allows me to break out those lovely lighter weight jackets and/or layer with my scarves, sweaters and blouses.  Jackets (and sweaters) provide a GREAT layering strategy when temperatures dip almost 20 degrees during the evening hours…
  • Belts:  If you are a belt wearer, replace your brown or black belts with a red or yellow for your dresses.
  • Hose/tights:  The dreaded word “hose”!  Many of us still keep warm in the winter with dark textured, opaque, sheer hose.  Now is a time we can transition to a nude or “flesh colored” hose (for those who wear hose) with skirts and dresses.  Remember, your hose should be matched CLOSE to your natural skin color!
  • Handbags:  Most of us have several handbags in our closets; some to be preferably worn during the winter and others for summer.  I have just pulled out a bright orange and a turquoise leather handbag.

My final recommendation is related to how you purchase key wardrobe items.  I highly recommend purchasing three-season attire for your essentials.  In other words, items that you can wear during the Fall, Winter AND Spring.  That means jackets and sweaters, in particular,  wool, wool blends, or cotton/silk blends for those of you who cannot tolerate wool.  Remember, you can change the look of the season by WHAT you pair with these seasonal items and how you layer.

How do you get ready for Spring?

Sue Kantor


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